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Rebecca's Fun Website Links

Here are some things that you will find on her page:
  • Barbie
  • Sprout
  • Starfall
  • Secret Builders
  • Jump Start World
  • Free Math Games
  • Discovery Education
  • ABC Mouse
  • Count Us In

  • All of these sites are considered "safe" but you should always check in on your child's online activity. Some of them require usernames and passwords, some require a subscription and others are completely free! Please enjoy and get learning!


    10.12.11 :: WAY TOO MUCH GOING ON!
    Please check our Facebook page for updates!

    03.10.11 :: HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY, MELISSA!

    Melissa's 2 Years

    01.16.10 ::

    A labor of love ... literally! Out of my love for creation, creativity and friendship I have finally decided to take the big step into selling some of my work. is a new place to see some examples, contact me with requests and see the schedule of events. As always, I love to share my experience with friends and family and will continue to hold free workshops.

    Here are a few examples:
    County Fair
    Go Team!

    sara charbonneau, owner & creative director   |

    12.25.10 :: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL...

    Rebecca (5½ yr.), Jessica (8½ mo.), Melissa (2½ yr.)

    ... and to all a good night!

    Here is the link to our Christmas Facebook Album: Christmas 2010. Enjoy!

    04.15.10 :: HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY, REBECCA!

    Rebecca's 5 Years

    04.11.10 :: IT'S A GIRL!!!

    Jessica Lynn Jessica Lynn Charbonneau

    April 2, 2010

    4:01 PM

    8 pounds, 6.9 ounces

    20.25 inches long
    SHE is finally here! We would like to welcome our 3rd daughter; Jessica Lynn to you. She was born via scheduled c-section with Dr. Wayne Bernstein on Friday, April 2, 2010 at 4:01pm EST. She has beautiful creamy white skin, bright blue eyes and strawberry blonde (light red) hair. A Good Friday baby, she was 39 weeks and 1 day old on her delivery date and according to Dr. Bernstein probably wouldn't have made it more than a day or two more. We will have more photos, her baby page and additional information coming up soon!

    Check out our photos and updates on Facebook:
    Public Link to Jessica's Facebook Album
    James (;1337583696)
    Sara (;509233464)

    02.26.10 :: 34wk1d Spunk Check
    Here are two of the 3D images from today's check-up. In the first, you will see Spunk with his/her eyes open!

    Spunk @ 34wk1d
    We are officially seeing both the OB-GYN and the perinatologist once a week from here on out. Today brought good news at this week's anatomy scan:
    • Spunk is 34 weeks 1 day as of today.
    • Fetal heart rate: 156 bpm.
    • Weight: 6lb. 1oz. (60th percentile)
    • Presentation: Cephalic; Faced to the back
    • New Development: Spunky has a big belly (90th percentile), so I need to cut back on the sugar and carbs. Luckily, there isn't anything to really worry about because my glucose test was normal. But with (hopefully) 5 more weeks to go, we could be looking at an 8.5lb baby!

    02.23.10 :: Place Your Bets
    Online Surveys & Market Research
       So, what do you think Spunk will be? We've decided to let you place your bets on this poll. We've heard from many of you on what your thoughts are, but we thought it would be fun to see if one gender was favored over another. This is totally for fun and, if you're wondering, we DO NOT know Spunk's gender.

    Some of you might want some assistance, so here's what the old wives say:
    • Chinese Birth Chart: It's a girl!
    • 67 % chance of having a girl
    • 65% chance of having a girl
    • 53% chance of a girl
    • It's a Toss-Up!
    • According to the Old Wives it's a girl!
    Just so you all know, when I was pregnant w/ Rebecca, we knew she was a girl. With Melissa, she was a surprise and I was even more shocked when James said across the operating table that she was a girl. This time, I'm having a lot of the same "symptoms" as the girls, and still no real thoughts with regards to "mother's intuition"... I've been wrong twice before!

    What do you think? Place your votes for our anonymous quiz! We'll be scheduling a c-section again (let's see if Spunk cooperates... none of our babies have so far) and we'll post the results when we can.
    02.13.10 :: Welcome Owen!

    Owen Francis Wow! Liam is finally a big brother! Welcome to Owen Francis Gardner! For weeks, we've been waiting with baited breath to see if Owen would stay put in Aunt Laura's tummy until the roads were clear and the giant snow storms of the winter went into remission. Luckily, He heard our prayers!

    Laura, Josh and big brother Liam welcomed little Owen into the world on Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 2:34am EST. He weighed 6 pounds 5 ounces and is 19 inches long and was born at 38 weeks just like his big brother! We can't wait to meet him in person!

    02.08.10 :: Welcome Catie!

    Catherine Anne KKG Legacy  KKG Legacy  KKG Legacy  KKG Legacy  KKG Legacy  KKG Legacy  KKG Legacy  KKG Legacy  KKG Legacy  KKG Legacy  KKG Legacy  KKG Legacy  KKG Legacy  KKG Legacy  KKG Legacy
    A big welcome to Catherine (Catie) Anne Orndorff!
    Catie is the second of the anticipated baby girls to be born in 2010.

    "Miss C" was born on Monday, February 8, 2010 at 10:38am EST- sandwiched inbetween two of the biggest snow storms in the DC metro area's history! She weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces and is 20 inches long. Mommy Melissa, Daddy Eric and big brother Connor are excited to finally have her here!

    02.04.10 :: 31 Week Spunk Check
    I am officially a 24-hour punching/kicking bag! Here are some photos from Spunk's 31 week ultrasound.

    You'll note that these photos look a little "spookier" than those taken at 27 weeks. This is because Spunk's ubilical cord was in many of the facial shots. You can see it very clearly in the first photo and faintly in the third. And yes, in the second photo, that is a foot. This reminds me a lot of Melissa, but then she was breech and had a foot and hand up by her head during this stage of development.

  • Spunk is 31 weeks 0 days as of today.
  • Fetal heart rate: 142 bpm.
  • Weight: 3lb. 14oz. (54th percentile)
  • Presentation: Cephalic; Faced to the back

    Once again, there's something crazy with this little Charbonneau, too. While Rebecca's pregnancy was normal, her delivery was horrific. Then Melissa came along and presented an arrythmia at 32 weeks that went away by completely going off of caffinated products (yes, this does include cocoa butter). And this time around, I have a slightly elevated HCG. So, this means that I'll see Dr. Bernstein and Dr. Kramer in 2 weeks and then from there on out both every week. Which means that there will be more "Spunky" photos!

  • 01.20.10 :: Chez Charbonneau -- In Progress

    Yes, we have been hard at work (as well as our great contractor) on home improvements to Chez Charbonneau. There are too many photos (and too little time) for the website, so check out our Facebook albums here:
  • Chez Charbonneau - A Work In Progress (Interior)
  • Chez Charbonneau Basement

  • 01.07.10 :: Faces of Spunk
    Today we had our 27 week Spunk Check. Everything is looking great, as you can see for yourself:

    3D Ultrasound Photos of Spunk
    Note: What look like "flippers" are not the hands and feet and what looks like hair is not. Both are distortion artifacts that likely occur when a baby is moving when the picture is taken. For certain, Spunk was VERY busy in there (as usual) during the visit.

  • Spunk is 27 weeks 0 days as of today.
  • Fetal heart rate: 158 bpm.
  • Weight: 2lb. 8oz. (Note: Babies generally begin the ½ pound growth per week at 32 weeks.)
  • Presentation: Cephalic (Note: Baby is head down.)

    These photos were taken at our perinatologist's (Dr. Kramer) office and represent the first time we've seen Spunk like this. I am overjoyed that he/she cooperated so we could get some nice photos. We didn't have a need to see Rebecca this far along and the technology, at the time, was only used for high-risk pregnancies. At Melissa's 27-ish appointment, Rebecca and I got to see her face on the screen, but the techician wouldn't give us photos because there would be "too much explaining to do" - basically, her face was very close to the placenta and her nose looked smooshed. But, this time, Spunk was "profiling" for us so we got some very nice photos. Maybe next time I'll have to bring the video camera and take a mini-movie. It was so cool seeing him/her moving around, opening and closing his/her mouth and playing with the umbilical cord.

    3D Ultrasound Photos of Spunk Above: Profile ultrasounds also taken @ 27w 0d on Thursday, 1/7/10.

    We are now officially in the "13 week" stretch with appointments just about every week from here on out. Next week is the glucose testing, the following is another visit with Dr. Bernstein, in 4 weeks we'll see Dr. Kramer again and then we'll see both the perinatologist and the OBGYN once a week from here on out! I can't believe we're here already!!!

  • 01.04.10 :: Welcome Abbie!

    Abigail KadyWe are excited to welcome Abigail Kady Eells (Abbie) into the world!

    She is the second daughter of my brother Chris and his wife Amberly and the baby sister to Evie (Evelyn Mera). She was born at 12:42am EST on Monday, January 4, 2010 (due date January 14). At 6 pounds, 13½ ounces and 19½ inches long, she and mommy are doing beautifully. She has black hair just like her father, great-grandfather (Henry Wilson Eells, Jr.) and her cousin Melissa Anne did at birth. We can't wait to meet her in person!

    12.31.09 :: Welcome Liam & Lucas!

    Liam & LucasWonderful news from the Kutchi household: Steve, Julie, and big sister Sofia welcomed identical twin boys into the world just in time for a 2009 tax deduction!

    Liam Nicolas Kutchi was born 1st on Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 2:34pm EST at 5lb. 3oz. and 18½ inches long.

    Lucas Steven Kutchi was born 2nd on Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 2:35pm EST at 6lb. 6oz. and 19½ inches long.

    12.10.09 :: Happy Holidays!
    Happy Holidays! What a time we've had since our last update! There is too much to think about this morning as I am trying my best to juggle breakfast and a quick update, so I'll just touch on the major stuff. We are still expecting our third child that we've nicknamed "Spunk" due for arrival on April 8, 2010. He/she will be a surprise and we will also keep the names we choose a secret until the big announcement.

    Rebecca and Melissa are doing beautifully. Rebecca is enjoying school, playing with friends and will be dancing in her first Nutcracker performance this season. Melissa has got her sister's humor and is entertaining us with new words and concepts daily. In October, James gave us the gift of music through a gorgeous Steinway piano. We girls play and entertain each other throughout the day with concerts and shows. James is often treated to dinner and a show when he arrives home from work.

    James and I have been hard at work on our home with the direction of a gifted stylist. Thus far, we've tackled paining and extensive mouldings in the dining and living rooms and we are currently working on the foyer (that will require the rental of some scaffolding before we continue). We've got our family room, powder room, kitchen and morning room in our sights and are already carving out some time between Christmas and New Year to get these things done. Not to mention that we're in the process of hiring a contractor to finish the basement bedroom with en suite bath and walling off my sewing room! Hopefully, we'll be finished (or close to it) by Spunk's arrival!

    Hope you are all having a magical holiday season!

    Rebecca 4.5 and Melissa 21 months
    Rebecca Quinn (4.5 years) and Melissa Anne (21 months) taken on 12/6/09

    Ultrasound Photos of Spunk

    9/3/09, 9 weeks

    9/25/09, 12 weeks

    9/25/09, 12 weeks

    11/12/09, 19 weeks

    09.03.09 :: Our THIRD Little Bundle 'O Joy
    We are expecing our third little bundle of joy on April 8, 2010!

    07.30.09 :: "Busy" Doesn't Come Close!
    Here's a little sampler of what we've been up to...

    02.03.09 :: Happy New Year (a little late)

    Things at Chez Charbonneau have been pretty busy since Christmas, so we haven't had a chance to make any updates. We have lots of photos and stories from the last few weeks, but no time. Hopefully, we'll have a chance to catch up soon. We'd love to hear from you!

    12.25.08 :: Merry Christmas!

    2008 Christmas Card & Holiday Letter

    Click here for the 2008 Holiday Letter.

    12.11.08 :: When do I get to BREATHE again?

    Sara Eells Charbonneau's Facebook profile

    Ok. Seriously, folks. We're on Facebook. You should be too! :)

    10.31.08 :: Happy Halloween!

    Check out our Halloween pumpkins! James carved the tree (that actually spells out Happy Halloween - look closely), Rebecca decorated the wee one and I carved the welcome. We had TONS of trick or treaters from the neighborhood and neighboring farms and communities. It was amazing! They came in droves beginning at 6:30. We were in the middle of dinner. It got so crazy that I had to feed Melissa in the intelletainer in the front hall with the front door wide open while the kids helped themselves to the candy bowl. It felt like the good old days growing up... AWESOME!

    10.20.08 :: Trunk Or Treat... Lots Going On

    It is almost Halloween! We started off the holiday with a great event at Rebecca's school called the Trunk or Treat. Here you can see the mini van all dressed up for Halloween and ready for the kids to Trick or Treat in the school's parking lot. It was so much fun! We have some photos here.

    Thank you for everyone's kind phone calls and emails. Your thoughts and prayers mean a lot to us.

    10.01.08 :: What a difference a year makes.

       I can't believe that it is already the 1st of October. We've had a cold front come in, the leaves are turing, Rebecca is fully into the pre-school schedule and Melissa has two teeth and will be crawling any day. "Where did the time go?"...

    The holiday season is already upon us. I haven't even pulled out my Halloween decorations yet (thanks to James for the two perfect pumpkins) and I am already thinking about where we're going to put the Christmas tree, how many feet of lighted garland do I need and test running the best of my best holiday recipes for what will be the first year that James and I will be hosting a major holiday family event. This morning I made two spaghetti pies (one to eat this week and the other is in the freezer awaiting a visit from Tom and Mary Frances) and yesterday Rebecca and I made shortbread cookies (we made the 3 doz. recipe and baked 1 and froze the other 2). Rebecca enjoyed making, decorating and eating the cookies. I took a few photos: Rebecca baking cookies.
    Things are crazier than ever with my business at this time of the year, so scheduling is getting sticky. We're very anxious to have guests now that the patio is almost finished, but between the holidays, house projects and Mary Kay we're likely to have little time to breathe! Email me to get yourself and your party on my Mary Kay calendar now!

    09.25.08 :: CRAZINESS!

    I can't believe that it has almost been a month since our last update! In a nutshell:
    • Melissa had her 6 month check up. The next day she cut her first tooth. The day after that she cut her second tooth! She's been a trooper even though she's had a cold and likely some pain from teething.
    • Rebecca has had almost a month of preschool AND dance class! She loves both and this week Melissa and I joined her and her preschool class for their first Discovery Walk. It was wonderful! Ms. Mary took lots of photos and we made a nature necklace. I also had a chance to meet some of her friends (Mackenzie and Ella from preschool and Jessie and Katie from dance)... I see some playdates in our future!
    • James is almost finished with the patio! Even I got in on the action - yes, I put on my gloves, got out my measuring tape and broke a sweat! Seriously! You can ask James! See updated photos here: PROJECT PATIO.
    We've been entertaining out-of-town guests almost every weekend since our last update and it has been wonderful and even tonight we are expecting Aunts Erin and GG! So, if you're in Maryland and you like a good meal, a nice place to sleep, a fully-stocked ensuite bath and (maybe) some hard manual labor come for a visit! :)

    08.26.08 :: Happy 32nd & First Day Of School

       Did we get punked? Maybe... here's a cute 5 month photo of Lissa sporting her baby mohawk.

    Today I am celebrating my 32nd b-day. I can't believe it! I am also looking forward to celebrating in a few days when things are less hectic.

    Becca started her first day of preschool today. She was very good and she even has a few battle scars to show from it - she hurt her knuckles and was sporting two band-aids when I picked her up. Her teachers said that she was so good and so brave - no tears! She's got a pain threshold like both of us and was likely "shaking" it off as soon as it happened. Becca will go to school 2 days per week (Tues & Thurs) from 9 to 11:45am - time for mommy and Lissa :)

    Daddy is still hard at work on the retaining wall and patio. It looks AWESOME and I still can't believe that he's been able to lay all of that stone (and backfill, etc...) all by himself. I've been humming the tune of "Big Strong Man" (a.k.a. My Brother Sylveste) since Saturday and coming up with new words to pertain to James and his project patio along the way. PROJECT PATIO.

    08.20.08 :: New House = New Projects

    Rebecca's Room in Green and Pink

    Melissa's Room in Yellow, Blue and Pink
       I can't believe that the summer is almost over... and that my 32nd birthday and Rebecca's first day of school are quickly approaching. Where has this summer gone? Perhaps it has been swept away by this lovely Potomac River and Catotcin Mountain breeze? More than likely, it has been tucked away between several trips to see family and numerous home improvement projects. Be it said that only the Charbonneaus would attempt to "improve" on a "new" house. The Girls and I just returned from our second trip minus Daddy this summer and we hope that we'll be taking more trips with him once his outside projects are finished.

    While James has been plotting and planning for the patio and deck (which we FINALLY break ground on tomorrow), I've been hard at work imagining what the inside of our house should look like. From the photos, you can see that we're almost done with Rebecca's green and pink room and Melissa's yellow, blue and pink room. Rebecca chose the colors for her room with green being her favorite and the palette for Melissa's room came from a baby sweater, booties hat and blanket hand-knitted by my Aunt Peggy. I'm not sure how to handle their bathroom (a true "Jack & Jill") and am open to suggestions!

    So, here's to our summer while we look forward to fall spent out on the patio and deck, visiting with friends, welcoming new babies into the world and more antique shopping!

    07.07.08 :: New Photos!

       Yes, there she is! Princess Rebecca! Actually, I can't believe I was able to capture some photos of her actually smiling. There are some new photos of both of the girls on Rebecca's 3 year page and Melissa's 3 month page.

    Life has been very busy here at Chez Charbonneau for the past few months: We put our townhouse on the market in 8/07, celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on 11/25/07, accepted an offer on the house in late 11/07, moved and settled in late 12/07, moved to a temporary apartment in 1/08, settled and moved into our new house in mid 2/08, Melissa arrived early on 3/10/08, celebrated Rebecca's 3rd birthday on 4/15/08, I had another surgery in mid 5/08 and now we're getting ready for a big push on our home improvement projects: new deck and patio, painting and decorating, etc.

    James is going to be very busy for the next few months, but it will all be very well worth it in the end. He's putting on a deck with the new composite called EON and a patio done w/ EP Henry pavers. We're so excited - we miss having our deck, but not our grill! We've been grilling in our driveway (James just pulls the grill in and out
    of the garage) for the past few months. It will be nice leaving it in one place and enjoying a meal out on our deck, though! We also discovered that Brunswick puts on a wonderful fireworks display for the 4th of July and we have the perfect vantage point from our back yard! Needless to say, we will be starting an annual party tradition - the view is just too perfect!

    We've also been in and out of town in additon to surgery recoveries and home improvement projects - that doesn't even count James's career, my Mary Kay and raising two kids! If you don't hear from us for awhile, please understand :) In the mean time, check out our new photos!

    06.24.08 :: Wow! Daddy is so high!

    Daddy's wearing a new belt. Daddy's climbing up. He did it!!
    Oh, no!  Daddy is so high! Careful, Daddy!  Careful means: 'I love you!
    With Rebecca looking on, Melissa asleep and mommy taking pictures, Daddy decided that a rock climbing wall was no match for him. And, he was right! Daddy made such quick work of the climbing wall at his company's picnic last Saturday that I had a hard time keeping up with him. As Rebecca said, "Daddy's wearing a new belt. Daddy's climbing up. Oh, no! Daddy is so high! Careful, Daddy! Careful means: 'I love you!' He did it!!!"

    06.23.08 :: New Photos!

    We've got new photos up of our girls! See new Rebecca photos on her 3 year page and new photos of Melissa on her 2 month and 3 month pages! We just had to put this photo on the homepage because we think Melissa's expression says it all :)

    We hope to have some more photos, art and videos up soon, but things have been pretty crazy for the last few months at Chez Charbonneau. Even so, we'd love to hear from you!

    05.11.08 :: Welcome Baby Hundley!

    Thomas JamesBaby Watch UPDATE!
    Yet ANOTHER early baby! Our second expected boy (for this spring) is now here!

    We would like to send our congrats to Tina and Ethan on the arrival of their first child. Thomas James ("TJ") (named after Rebecca's Godfather and his uncle Tom) arrived moments before midnight on Thursday, 5/8/08. He is 6 lbs 8 oz and 19 inches long and has brown hair.

    05.08.08 :: Melissa Rolls?

       Ok. We just couldn't believe it the first few times we saw it - and neither did anyone else, so we had to get it on video.

    I captured this a few weeks ago, but just now had a chance to post it to the website. Melissa has been able to roll from her tummy to her back over her right side since she was just about a month old. She can now roll from her tummy to her left side, too. Babies aren't supposed to be able to do this so early! She's growing up too fast!

    We have some more photos of the girls that we will be posting soon - stay tuned! There's just so much going on these days!

    04.22.08 :: Welcome Baby Gardner!

    Liam MichaelBaby Watch UPDATE!
    Wow! Another early baby and the first of the expected boys this spring!

    We would like to send our congrats to Laura and Josh on the arrival of their first child. Liam Michael arrived on Friday, 4/18/08 at 5:06am. He is 6 lbs 5 oz and 19.75 inches long. He has a full head of blonde hair and blue eyes... and I think he looks a lot like his Daddy!

    04.15.08 :: Happy 3rd Birthday, Rebecca Quinn!

       We've created a monster.

    Rebecca celebrated her 3rd (going on 30) birthday in style and in the tradition of her Daddy. When we celebrated Daddy's birthday back in February, we went to a Japanese Steak House (the kind where they cook on the tables). Rebecca has been talking about it ever since, so it should have been no surprise to us that when we announced that we would take her out for dinner for her birthday that she responded that she wanted "the fire" - 3-year-old speak for the dinner and show at a Japanese steakhouse. I guess we shouldn't tell her that we were thinking of McDonald's!

    Seriously, though, Rebecca is an international eater and will try many things, but is very clear to tell you what she likes and doesn't like. Of course, if California Rolls are on the menu, you better order at least one roll just for her!

    Happy birthday, sweet princess! We love you!

    04.14.08 :: Rebecca is almost THREE!

       Wow! We can't believe it! Rebecca is almost three - she'll officially be a three-year-old tomorrow, 4/15/08, at 2:36pm. Rebecca's birthday is always a huge milestone for us and we think of this day with high emotions for so many reasons.

    Our first baby isn't a baby anymore... she isn't even a toddler... she's a big girl and a big sister now! I guess somebody thought that Daddy was a big girl now, too, as he is seen to the left holding one of Rebecca's birthday presents. :)

    On Saturday, Uncle Dave and Aunt Pam (and Allie and AJ) were so generous to throw a big birthday BBQ for the twins and Rebecca. We had wonderful company, food and weather! Thank you!

    Also, Rebecca thanks you all for the cupcakes and presents! YAY!

    See more new photos of Rebecca here.
    See more new photos of Melissa here.

    Emily MadelineBaby Watch UPDATE!
    We can't believe it! We have another baby girl for Melissa to play with!

    Our friends Lauren and Larry (and their son, Wesley) are excited to announce the birth of their daughter. Emily Madeline arrived on Thursday, 4/3/08 at 10:15am. She is 7 lbs 12.2 oz and 20.5 inches long. She is named after Lauren's Great-Grandmother, Emily Myers, and after Larry's Aunt, Madeline Knox.

    04.02.08 :: "The Charbonnettes"

    The Charbonnettes
    Oh, poor Daddy - two princesses and a queen? What is a Daddy to do? :)

    I also have to say that it was my friend Ric Okin who came up with "The Charbonnettes" - he's a drummer and he's played in many a band that I've had the chance to sing with, hence the name.

    There are a lot of new photos in Melissa's birth album from Easter and from just this morning when we put on our new big and little Sister T-shirt and onesie (Thanks, Mom - these are adorable!). See more new photos here.

    03.24.08 :: Melissa & Rebecca

    Melissa & Rebecca
    Rebecca's a big sister now! She's still making sense of everything, but one thing is for certain - she loves baby Melissa. See new photos of them together here.

    03.22.08 :: Happy Baby

    Melissa Smiles
    We can't believe it. Melissa is almost two weeks old and her original due date was tomorrow! We are settling nicely into a routine. The house is still an unfinished project, but we are content with where things currently stand even if both James and I are fighting to do little projects around the house between naptimes and playtimes.

    Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and it will be the first Easter spent in our new house with just the four of us. We'll be missing our families, but are really looking forward to another quiet day. Rebecca is anticipating the arrival of the Easter Bunny and we are hoping to get some nice photos of she and her sister in their Easter best for the website.

    In the mean time, we have posted our photos of Melissa's first moments here. Enjoy!

    03.13.08 :: Announcing the Birth of Melissa Anne Charbonneau

    Melissa Anne
    Melissa Anne Melissa Anne  
    Melissa Anne
    Melissa Anne Charbonneau

    March 10, 2008

    5:57 PM

    7 pounds, 3 ounces

    20 inches long

    What a surprise! Spud is a girl and she decided to come early! Really early! Due on Easter Sunday, 3/23/08, but scheduled for c-section on Wednesday 3/19/08... she, just like her sister decided to come on her own terms when I began labor with her in the early morning hours of Monday, 3/10/08.

    Melissa Anne is our second daughter and looks a lot like Rebecca did when she was born. Melissa has black hair (lots of black hair) and blue eyes.

    James and I still cannot believe that we have had the baby and that we are now home with her. She was delivered at Shady Grove by Dr. Wayne Berenstein and assisted by Dr. Gail Skinner. The surgery went very well and I am making a wonderful recovery and am even happier now that I am at home and with Rebecca.

    Rebecca is adjusting very well to being a big sister. She is still trying to make sense of everything, but I am sure that she will soon be putting the pieces together. She has handled everything remarkably well from Monday when Mommy had a "boo-boo" on her tummy and needed lots of kisses to help me feel better to being whisked away to the hospital, then to Aunt Kathy's where she woke up to seeing her Grandmama, Grandpapa and Aunts Erin and Gigi there, too and then back to her new house with Grandmama to await the arrival back home of her little sister and her mommy and daddy.
    We are overjoyed and can't believe that we're already here! Please continue to keep us all in your prayers for the next few weeks as we make this transition. Thank you to everyone who has already sent us their blessings and wishes of joy, happiness and a safe and speedy recovery for me.

    We're very excited to share our new addition with all of you, so please stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks as well as more photos!