rebecca at twelve months

Ok. So you will see that there is a break in the photos... and that's because Rebecca has gotten so busy that mommy hasn't had time to put them all up, but I knew that I had better put some 12 month photos up soon (or else)! :) Don't forget to click on the pictures to see them bigger!

Picking out Birthday toys at Toys-R-Us is fun!

I love toys!

...and Mommy's sunglasses!

Daddy, can we play when we get home?

We love playtime - especially now that the weather is nice!

What a cutie!

Apple juice ROCKS!

We're talking, now!

New Birthday toy!

Watching Daddy's herb garden grow!

Happy Birthday, Rebecca! We love cake and ice cream!

Some more ice cream, please.



How big is Rebecca? So BIG!

Silly girl!

I'm waiting for more ice cream, Mom!

I can hear you!

Look at my new front teeth!

So much yummy cake!

Nap time!