rebecca quinn charbonneau

   Birthday: April 15, 2005 @ 2:36PM EST
Due Date: April 9, 2005
Weight: 7 pounds, 14.8 ounces
Height: 21 inches
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: dark blue
Name: Rebecca Quinn Charbonneau
Nicknames: "Spike" (before she was born), "Baby Becca" and "Little Slice"

Rebecca's 4 Years

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Rebecca's Name
James and I both made lists of our favorite names and Rebecca appeared on both lists. Before we had a chance to discuss it, we were sitting at dinner one night in late 2/05 and I asked James, "What is the baby's name?" The first name that popped into my head was Rebecca and shortly thereafter (without my help) he said, "Rebecca." What a coinsidence! Rebecca didn't have a decided middle name until the moment she was born when I asked James from the operating table what her middle name would be: Quinn.

REBECCA Hebrew: Captivating, to tie, beautiful, desireable; Rebecca is the Latin form of the Hebrew name Rivka. The biblical Rebecca was the wife of Issac and mother of Jacob and Esau. Her nickname is Becca (used primarily by her cousins).

QUINN Irish: Intelligent, wise; surname. Quinn is the surname of Rebecca's Great-Great Grandmother, Jennie Magdaline Quinn.

Rebecca's Horoscope
If you were born on Friday, 15 April, 2005 (ARIES):

"Friday's child is loving and giving."

Your personal ruling planets are Mars and Venus.

No-one can ever accuse you of not being passionate. Passionate in everything you attempt. When you take up a project you do it with full concentration, love and dedication to the ideal. And that is how you approach relationships too - with full commitment. You have charming and seductive traits of nature and will use them on your path to success.

Public relations and sales or any work which requires persuasive discussion is well suited to you. You may even work with your spouse and marriage may take place as a result of your career.

Your lucky colors are white and cream, rose and pink.

Your lucky gems are diamond, white sapphire or quartz crystal.

Your lucky days of the week Friday, Saturday, Wednesday.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60, 69, 78.

Famous people born on your birthday include Leonardo da Vinci, Henry James, Bessie Smith, Elizabeth Montgomery, Emma Thompson, Susan Ward and Jessica Riddle.

When We Found Out We Were Pregnant
James and I decided after the Booz Allen Classic PGA Tournament (that I worked with), that we were ready to try and have a baby. That was late June, 2004, and on Saturday, August 7 we were pretty sure that we were expecting. It wasn't until Friday, August 13 that the doctor's office confirmed that I was just under 6 weeks pregnant.

Our Initial Reaction to The News
Shock. We weren't expecting it to happen so quickly. We proceeded with our plans to go to the beach that week. We were intending to stay the week, but I was so miserable with morning sickness that we went home early (and I was anxious to see the doctor).

First Trimester
Textbook is the way to describe this trimester. I was miserable at first and like clockwork, I felt a million times better beginning on week 13 (which, quickly subsided to a miserable cold).

Rebecca had a very interesting first trimester. Not only did she make her theatrical debut, but she did it in a leading role. I was playing "Mother" in Rockville Musical Theatre's production of "Ragtime" and was in my fourth month (and starting to show) when it opened...

11.13.04 :: Rockville Musical Theatre Presents "Ragtime: The Musical"

Sara Charbonneau
2004 Headshot
   RAGTIME will be my last show for a long time as I now step into the real-life role of being a mother! I have to admit that it was comical when everyone started calling me "Mother" and I had yet to tell anyone about my pregnancy (of course James and our families knew).

By the end of the show, I was entering into the end of my fourth month and starting to show. The run couldn't have ended any later because by the final weekend, two of my skirts and one of my dresses required 2-3 dressers... just to zip me up!

The birth of Spike will not mark the end of my theatrical intrests, however. I was recently asked (and regretfully had to decline because Spike will only be a few months old and my sister, Erin, will be married on 5/21/05) the Lead Costume Designer position for RMT's PIPPIN to be produced this summer. I will continue with my interests with Coffee Break Singers, Bethesda Little Theatre's Road Shows and miscellaneous gigs here and there.

First Heartbeat
Rebecca's first heartbeat was detected by Dr. Bernstein on Friday, September 3.

Ultrasound Photos
Baby Charbonneau
8 weeks / Early OB
Baby Charbonneau
10 weeks / 10w2d
Baby Charbonneau
12 weeks / 12w2d

Second Trimester
   I was blessed with a wonderful pregnancy. By mid-November, I could feel Rebecca move, my show was about to close and James and I were getting ready to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary.

Rebecca was a busy baby. Her awake times were first thing in the morning (7am), dinner time (6pm) and bed time (10pm). She also seemed to respond to certain voices and music. Her favorite CD became U2's "How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb" - a far stretch from her current favorite group, The King's Singers.

12.20.04 :: Happy Birthday, Brian!

Happy Birthday Pictured: Talley, Eric, Jasmine, "Barrows", James, Me, "BK", Karen, Dan, Jaime & Scott.
You will notice that I am sporting a new hair cut and our new baby!

12.20.04 :: Our Little Bundle 'O Joy - "Spike" Charbonneau

Spike" is our first baby. He/She was given the nickname by my friend Sandy and our baby was Spike ever since. Spike is due sometime around April 5 - 12, 2005. We joke that Spike will either be born on April Fool's Day or Tax Day. James' brother and sister-in-law are due with twins in April, so it is very possible that our babies will come in the same week! (Just a little note on this: Rebecca WAS born on tax day and she and the twins DID arrive during the same week - within 2 days of each other!)

Best pregnancy related quote so far: "What a SEXY uterus!"

Other Good ones:
  • When asked about the sex of the baby: "Well, we're pretty sure it will be one or the other."
  • "You should name the baby after me." - Who DIDN'T ask?

  • Boy or Girl?
    Rebecca liked to move - a lot. So much so that we didn't get all of the pictures we "needed" at the 22 week ultrasound and had to go back at 24 weeks. This complicated the gender situation because we wanted to know... and she wasn't quite ready to tell us. Family and friends didn't give her any clothes or items that were gender specific until we were absolutely sure - a very tough thing for grandparents, especially.

    Ultrasound Photos
    Baby Charbonneau
    19 weeks / 19w4d
    12 oz.
    Baby Charbonneau
    24 weeks / 24w2d
    1 lb., 9 oz.

    Third Trimester
       Ok. I was still having a wonderful pregnancy and the most common comment was "you don't look big enough!" You know, I didn't "feel" big enough, either... I guess I was just lucky.

    Of course, the baby countdown was heating up with every visit to the OBGYN. Beginning in March, I started to dilate and was a good 4cm for at least 2½ weeks before she was born. Needless to say, it was frustrating because I was
    having lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions and we were always on the alert for "the real thing".

    Then, the due date passed. The following Monday, I had my membranes stripped and scheduled an induction for Friday, April 15. Suprisingly, I started with contractions around 12:30am the following day. Something was telling me that this wasn't it and, although they caused extreme pressure, they weren't that painful. These contractions stopped 12 hours later on Tuesday afternoon.

    The photo above is lovingly referred to as "Mount St. Baby"... yes, James came up with it.

       Rebecca was showered with wonderful gifts.

    She had three showers! The first one was on Sunday, February 27, and was hosted by Pat Charbonneau and Joy Gerst. The second shower was on Saturday, March 5, and was hosted by Kathy Caravelli and Peggy Clarity. The third shower (was more for Mommy) and was thrown by co-workers on Friday, March 11 (my last day in the corporate world - for now).

    The Big Day
       James and I were so anxious for Rebecca to come into the world. Although, I had a scheduled induction for a vaginal delivery on Friday, April 15, I went into labor around 8pm on Thursday, April 14.

    Much of my labor was done at home to my astonishment because when I was admitted to the hospital, I was already 8cm dilated! At 2:30am on Friday, we were admitted and antibiotics and an epidural were quickly administered.

    Then we waited and waited... and waited. Finally at 11am, Dr. Shrout came in to see us. It was then we discovered that we couldn't have a vaginal birth and a c-section was required. This was because Rebecca was in a "brow-forward" presentation which meant she was coming out face first. My water was broken, we said a prayer that maybe she would turn (for a vaginal birth) and prepared ourselves for the unthinkable.

    At 2:36 pm, Rebecca was evacuated from the womb. As I
    was lying on the operating table, I waited for that big cry, but it never really came - she was apparently too busy looking around! She still has that amazing, intense look. After the c-section we all got to spend a little time together. It was love at first sight.

    05.09.05 :: Announcing the Birth of Rebecca Quinn Charbonneau

    Rebecca Quinn Charbonneau

    Rebecca Quinn Charbonneau
    Rebecca Quinn Charbonneau

    April 15, 2005

    2:36 PM

    7 pounds, 15 ounces

    20 inches long

    James and I couldn't be more blessed now that we are the very proud parents of our first child. "Baby Becca" is our pride and joy. There just couldn't be a prettier or more perfect baby as far as we (and her grandparents) are concerned. She is just an angel.

    "Baby Becca" is doing beautifully now in her 4th week into the world, and I am on a slow road to recovery. Luckily, James and I have this beautiful baby and our love for her and each other that is keeping us together during this trying time.

    The photos to the left were taken by my daddy, John Eells, and are part of a photo diary that documents Becca's birth from the time James and I left for the hospital to the time she was admitted into the nursery.

    I am very lucky to have such a loving and supportive family and am grateful beyond words that they were there to share in her birth and take care of us while I recovered and while James and I adjusted to becoming parents. We love you. I love you, James.

    Growing Up
    Date Age Height Weight Head Clothing Size
    Apr. 15 birth 20" 7.925 lb. 14" 0m
    Apr. 21 1 week 20" 8.00 lb. 14" 0-3m
    Apr. 29 2 weeks 20" 8.44 lb. 14.5" 0-3m
    May. 16 1 month 20.75" 9.44 lb. 15" 0-3m
    Jun. 13 2 months 22.25" 11.45 lb. 15.25" 3-6m
    Aug. 15 4 months 24.5" 15.44 lb. 16.5" 3-6m
    Oct. 17 6 months 25.75" 18.33 lb. 17" 6-9m
    Dec. 1 8 months 27" 19.00 lb. 17.5" 9-12m
    Apr. 15 1 year 30" 21.00 lb. 18.3" 12-18m
    Apr. 15 2 years 34" 32.00 lb. n/a 24m-2T
    Apr. 15 3 years 37" 34.00 lb. n/a 3T-4T
    Apr. 15 4 years 39.5" 39.00 lb. n/a 4T-5

    Family Growth Table

    Family Growth Charts
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